The UltraMedical Team is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing peace of mind to endurance sporting event and ultramarathon directors and participants. Our staff of trained professionals offer medical assistance, logistical support, training, medical and logistical oversight for events of all sizes to ensure all participants remain in good hands from start to finish.

We seek to enhance medical care at endurance events around the world. We achieve this goal as the only volunteer organization that provides professional event medical team services and education. We are constantly researching ways to better serve you.

The Paramedic Foundation, formed in 2013, realized the need for highly specialized medical teams at ultramarathons. In response to this need, the organization founded the Ultra Medical Team with Marty Hoffman, MD, as its Chief Medical Officer, and Nick Nudell, Paramedic, as the Executive Director. Beginning with the 2013 Angeles Crest 100 Mile Race, we have been building our world-class medical team for endurance and trail races across North America.

We value the unique needs of endurance athletes and ultramarathoners. We put our specialized knowledge and skills to practice for every runner, every race.

AC100 Medical Checkup – photo by SlowTwitchJournal