The non-profit Ultra Medical Team provides peace of mind to endurance sporting event and ultramarathon directors and participants with its Ultra Medical Team volunteer recruitment, training, certification, logistical support, and oversight for these events.

Our mission is to enhance the medical care at ultramarathon events around the world. This is achieved through provision of event medical services, education of medical providers, and ongoing research into the medical needs at these events.

The Paramedic Foundation, which was formed in 2013 as a non-profit organization, realized the need for highly specialized medical teams at ultramarathons. In response to this need, the Paramedic Foundation founded the Ultra Medical Team with Marty Hoffman, MD, as its Chief Medical Officer and paramedic Nick Nudell as the Executive Director. Beginning with the 2013 Angeles Crest 100 Mile Race, we have been building the first of its kind world class medical team for endurance and trail races across North America.

The needs of endurance athletes and ultramarathoners are unique and require an approach that is specific to the participants. The Ultra Medical Team members are recruited for their knowledge and skills, specific to the needs of each race.

AC100 Medical Checkup – photo by SlowTwitchJournal

Thanks to Geoff Cordner for the photo’s and great race report from his 2013 AC100 Experience!