The non-profit Paramedic Foundation provides peace of mind to endurance sporting event and ultra race directors and participants with its Ultra Medical Team volunteer recruitment, training, logistical support, and oversight for these events.

AC100 Medical Checkup – photo by SlowTwitchJournal

Starting with the 2013 AC100, we have been building the first of its kind world class medical team for endurance and trail races across North America.

The needs of endurance athletes are unique and require an approach that is specific to the needs of participants. The Ultra Medical Team members are recruited for their knowledge and skills, specific to the needs of each race.

We are now expanding the Ultra Medical Team with a national presence! Are you interested in bringing UMT to your local area? Please tell us about your area and thoughts!

We’re also seeking major sponsorship for the 2014 season. A major fundraising campaign will be announced soon.

Thanks to Geoff Cordner for the photo’s and great race report from his 2013 AC100 Experience!